Avanti Energy is focused on the exploration, development and production of helium across western Canada and the United States.

Company Overview

The powerful gas exploration company was formed by a group of oil and gas veterans who were in pursuit of opportunities for helium production. With decades of experience under its belt, this company has the expertise vital to vetting untapped potential helium reserves in North America. In discovering such, Avanti can secure new, lucrative sources of helium.

Meet Our Team

Our Culture

Avanti Energy has brought together industry leaders and specialists to develop large-scale projects in North America. The goal is to extract helium deposits that are trapped in the earth. 32 proprietary opportunities have been identified and some of which, Avanti is actively pursuing.


• Stimulating demand for helium

• Promoting realization of a limited supply

• Evolving and encouraging regulatory environment

Our expertise speaks for itself.
Join Avanti in its mission to extract helium.